VINNOIR Latex Steals the Show on Rose Villain in Nuova Scena

Rose Villian wears VINNOIR Latex for Netflix Italia's Nuova Scena series

Italian singer-songwriter Rose Villain recently appeared wearing a full latex ensemble on Netflix Italia’s “Nuova Scena”.

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Reality TV series “Nuova Scena”, in which Fabri Fibra, Geolier and Rose Villain hit the streets of Rome, Naples and Milan to find the next Italian rap superstar has definitely allowed the Milan born singer to show off her unique and iconic fashion style. And a recent episode was no different as Rose Villain donned a latex catsuit and corset from Italian designer VINNOIR latex.

Fresh from the appearance of BigMama at the Sanremo Music Festival wearing her exquisite latex designs, VINNOIR latex was the logical choice for the Italian based series. The iconic, intricately designed latex catsuit featured the avant garde VINNOIR meticulously handcut appliques over a semi-transparent base and was paired with a figure-hugging latex corset from the same designer. The Art Nouveau and future fashion looks we are used to from the latex designer were clearly on show. Here’s hoping we see Rose Villain wearing more shiny designs as the series progresses.

What do you think about the latex catsuit and corset worn by Rose Villain? Would you wear something similar? Let us know in the comments section below.

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