Sultry Latex Sensations: BigMama Rocks VINNOIR, Gaia Dazzles in FBLD at Sanremo Music Fest

BigMama wearing latex creations from VINNOIR latex and Gaia wore latex corset from FBLD for their performance on this years Sanremo Music Festival

This year’s Sanremo Music Festival witnessed a captivating display of fashion and style, with rapper BigMama stealing the spotlight in a stunning VINNOIR latex creation and singer-songwriter Gaia dazzling in a custom latex creation from FBLD Latex.

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Collaborating with the iconic brand, BigMama graced the stage in avant-garde designs from VINNOIR latex creations, paired with a custom corset from Lorenzo Seghezzi, showcasing the fusion of music and fashion in a truly mesmerizing way. Among the standout moments was BigMama’s appearance alongside her stage partners, making a bold and unforgettable statement. The intricate craftsmanship and signature aesthetic of VINNOIR added a touch of sophistication and edge to the festival’s fashion landscape.

VINNOIR took to her Instagram profile to showcase the incredible garment.

This is not the first time we have seen BigMama adorned in VINNOIR latex as the performer also wore a custom outfit from the designer for her appearance at last years Sanremo Music Festival.

But it wasn’t just BigMama who was repping the world of Italian latex clothing as the performance also included singer-songwriter Gaia who wore a custom-made corset from FBLD Latex which was paired with an all-black chiffon dress from Philosophy by Lorenzo Serafini. The ensemble created an eye-catching and alluring outfit with its matching lacing.

The pair performed an incredible rendition of “Lady Marmalade” on stage, alongside fellow artists SISSI and La Nina.

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