Double Take Alert! Saweetie’s Red Hot Latex Look Channels Jessica Rabbit

Saweetie Red Hot Latex Look

Saweetie is known for her icy raps and fire verses, but her latest latex look is setting a different kind of stage on fire. The rapper took a turn towards sultry sophistication recently, channeling the iconic Jessica Rabbit in a red-hot latex ensemble.

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Saweetie donned a figure-hugging red latex dress with a plunging neckline, reminiscent of Jessica Rabbit’s signature gown. The dress hugged her curves perfectly, and the bold colour left no room for subtlety. The dress, featuring an underwire bust and adjustable shoulder straps, is finished off with an exquiste curved high-cut slit.

Publicising the release of her latest single entitled “Richtivities”, Saweetie took to her Instagram profile to showcase the incredible gown.

Whilst there is sadly no confirmation on the artists Instagram page (come on celebs, tag the designer!), we reckon this dress is the Bondcon Gown from celebrity favourite Vex Clothing.

Whether it’s a playful homage or a full-on fashion inspiration, one thing’s for sure: Saweetie’s latex fashion moment is sure to be remembered. It’s a bold move that proves the rapper is not afraid to take risks and experiment with her style. And with her confidence and charisma, Saweetie manages to make the look entirely her own.

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