From Ukraine to the World: ElinHarness’ Captivating Latex Designs

From Ukraine to the World: ElinHarness' Captivating Latex Designs

Recently launched latex brand ElinHarness have been making waves recently over on their YouTube channel and the Ukrainian brand sat down with us latterly to talk about the brands ideology.

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Speaking exclusively to Latex24/7, owner and designer Elin of ElinHarness, described her ethos for the new business, “The brand’s concept is based on allowing the individual character of the wearers to shine through high-quality, comfortable, and functional latex outfits. We craft a variety of pieces to enable individuals to find models that truly correspond to their personalities, match various occasions and tastes.”, the passion and keenness for this clearly coming through in the designers words. “ElinHarness collections feature classic outfits as well as sets of club-style outfits for going out and spicier models for creating seductive ensembles for more private use.”, Elin continued, “Such a variety of offerings allows bringing the best experience to latex clothes enthusiasts, both seeking interesting options to elevate their stylish look and newcomers who are just discovering latex as a unique way to express their individuality.”

ElinHarness Apricot Skater Skirt

ElinHarness is an quickly developing Ukrainian brand specialising in producing its own range of latex outfits and accessories, such as dresses, lingerie, tops, corsets, bodysuits, skirts, leggings, stockings, socks, gloves, and masks. To create its high-quality products, the brand uses certified latex of 0.25 mm and 0.4 mm thickness, originating from Great Britain.

ElinHarness Latex Cape

Browsing through the brands extensive website it’s clear to see that ElinHarness products boast well-thought designs, eye-catching silhouettes, and a rich colour palette, ranging from semi-transparent to metallic tones. They also provide customers with a range of size options to ensure that latex outfits perfectly complement the natural contours of various body types.

ElinHarness Zipper Bodysuit

The ElinHarness designer clearly has high-aspirations for the brand as it “launches new collections 3-4 times per year and has thousands of satisfied customers in many countries, as we deliver products worldwide”, Elin informed us, continuing to talk about the lorded reviews they receive, “The company uses clients’ feedback as a powerful inspirational and motivational tool, as well as valuable insights for improving their work and enriching their product line.”

ElinHarness Bodysuit

Be sure to follow the brand over on their Instagram, Facebook and YouTube channel. And be sure to check out YouTuber LittleFitDevil reviewing several garments.

ElinHarness Doll Dress

For all the latex clothing and fashion news be sure to check Latex24/7 regularly.


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