Mastering Latex Fashion: Jheanelle Corine’s Guide to Makeup and Styling


Jheanelle Corine, one of our new favorite filmmakers and a revered influencer in the world of latex couture, has given fashion fans something else to get excited about. Jheanelle’s multifaceted expertise knows no bounds, and in this week’s latest YouTube drop the model and director shares her ultimate tip on how to slay your latex outfit. In her latest YouTube video, she seamlessly expands her repertoire beyond outfit styling, venturing into the realm of makeup artistry, offering a comprehensive guide on completing one’s latex ensemble flawlessly. This video is a must watch for anyone seeking to either enhance their latex outfits or improve the look of their latex hoods.

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Jheanelle’s ability to encapsulate a comprehensive lesson, guiding enthusiasts from head to toe in mastering the intricacies of latex fashion, truly solidifies her status as one of this year’s influencers to watch, a refreshing face both in latex and the fashion community at large. Her unwavering dedication to educating and empowering individuals interested in latex fashion is evident not only in her YouTube content but also across her various social media platforms such as Poshmark, Instagram, and Facebook. Where, if fans haven’t noticed, Jheanelle has carefully orchestrated a media storm.

Since releasing photos in iconic New York City wearing Tox Latex’s Heather dress on Facebook and Instagram this month, latex lovers have been absolutely enthralled with each new stunning drop from our favorite fashionista. Lucky for fans, Jheanelle has not disappointed, and her pictures in Ardita Fetish Fashion’s Suki catsuit and sexy red and black pencil skirt ensemble, also shot in New York, have been more than noteworthy. In response to Jheanelle’s recent resurgence on social media, which seems to be going full force in 2024, Corine explained to us that she’s “looking forward to this and many more celebrated surprises,” and even hinted we can soon look forward to more cinematic, narrative-driven Instagram reels and YouTube shorts. We can only hope that this is all gearing up towards the debut of Jheanelle’s first short film, rumored to be released later this year.

The introduction of makeup styling tutorials in her recent video is a commendable stride, enriching the viewer experience by offering insights into how makeup can complement and enhance a latex outfit or even stand alone. Considering the endless applications of this easy eyeshadow look to any aspiring fashionista, whether daytime glam or a fabulous evening out, Jheanelle chooses to focus on the construction of a classic, versatile smokey eye. Jheanelle masterfully navigates the intricacies of this winter season’s trend, delving into the nuances of neutral chocolate shades that harmonize seamlessly with latex fashion.

Though we certainly encourage viewers to watch the video themselves, available here, we have captured some of the most salient steps in achieving this look below. First and foremost, Jheanelle recommends starting with a concealer two to three shades lighter than your skin complexion or an eyeshadow primer (her recommendation is P.Louise) of a similar shade. Once that’s packed on the eyelid, you can go in directly with your first eyeshadow color, a softer brown, to be swept all over the lids, just beneath your brow bone. Once this color has been thoroughly blended, you can begin applying your deep brown eyeshadow onto the meat of the lid, being sure to keep that color below the crease. It should still be very blended and diffused, however. Once the upper lid is complete you can either start your lower lid immediately or complete any other face makeup beforehand.

For the lower lid, Jheanelle recommends starting with a black eyeliner pencil to line your waterline. Then, proceed to “smoke out” your lower lid by dipping a small brush into the same dark brown eyeshadow you earlier used, and smudging the eyeliner back and forth with it. After this the look is almost ready, simply highlight the inner corners of the eyes and the brow bone, directly beneath the arch of the brow, preferably with a gold highlighting powder. Finally, complete the look by applying mascara to your top and bottom lashes, and optionally, increase the glam with your favorite pair of false strip lashes.

What sets this tutorial apart isn’t just the makeup guidance; it’s the immersive storytelling intertwined within. Jheanelle, with her trademark charisma and candor, shares a compelling anecdote from her early days in the industry – her maiden experience as a latex model on an international runway. The narrative not only encapsulates the thrill of strutting the runway in latex but also delves into the vibrant characters and exhilarating moments she encountered along her journey. And considering the characters Jheanelle discusses in this installment, we can truly say this is not an episode to be missed. Though tactfully withholding the risqué details, Jheanelle tantalizes viewers, encouraging them to delve deeper into the video to uncover more of her makeup secrets and captivating escapades.

The fusion of makeup artistry with personal narratives illustrates Jheanelle’s commitment to not merely imparting knowledge but also creating an immersive and engaging experience for her audience. Her ability to seamlessly blend education with entertainment elevates her content beyond conventional tutorials, crafting a captivating narrative that resonates deeply with enthusiasts and novices alike. This level of storytelling is admirable, but only to be expected in an aspiring Hollywood filmmaker; one which we look forward to seeing more of in 2024.

For those eager to glean insights from Jheanelle’s makeup and styling prowess, her YouTube video stands as a treasure trove, offering practical guidance and entrancing storytelling that transcends the mere application of makeup, delving into the enchanting world of latex fashion. You can also catch more updates and pictures from the photoshoot earlier mentioned in this article on her Instagram and Facebook.

As viewers embark on this journey, they are beckoned into a realm where makeup isn’t merely a cosmetic enhancement but a harmonious accompaniment to the allure of latex couture. Jheanelle Corine, with her effervescent charm and profond knowledge, invites all enthusiasts to join her on this enriching and captivating exploration of makeup and styling within the vibrant confines of latex fashion.

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