Vex Latex Takes Centre Stage: Poor Things Redefines Victorian Erotica

Vex Latex is featured predominantly in new film Poor Things, starring Emma Stone

Poor Things is a sci-fi re-animation comedy directed by Yorgos Lanthimos that stars Emma Stone and is based on Alasdair Grey’s 1992 novel. Willem Dafoe and Mark Ruffalo also appear in the film. The film has already won around 50 awards and has been nominated for an additional 11 Academy Awards. These include Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor (Ruffalo), Best Adaptive Screenplay (Tony MacNamara), Best Original Score (Jerskin Fendrix), and, of special relevance to us, Best Costume Design for Holly Waddington.

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In fact, British Fine Art graduate Holly’s work on the film has received a significant number of column inches in the fashion press, and it was even the focus of a Barbican exhibition that lasted until late January. In one of numerous in-depth interviews, she told that she began her career at the famed Angels Costume House in London, progressed to work with great Hollywood stars like Sandy Powell, and earned a Master’s degree in theatrical design.

Vex Latex is featured predominantly in new film Poor Things, starring Emma Stone

However, for insight into how Emma Stone’s character Bella came to be dressed in the stunning floor-length translucent natural latex cape (or ‘condom coat’ as the designer describes it, pictured above) and other fetishy garb, we found ourselves consulting her interview for British Vogue, the fashionista’s bible. “For the brothel scenes in Paris, I wanted to use a palette that did not seem like a brothel. I wanted to avoid black and red, and I didn’t want any black pants; I wanted skin-tone colours, so we produced a bunch of these large wool coats with latex poured over them’, Holly stated.

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“Bella also has this cape, a little pac-a-mac, that she keeps with her in case of an emergency. When she initially arrives in Paris, and she and Duncan are broke, she puts on this latex, cheese-slice-colored thing. It’s amusing not just because it’s freezing outside and she’s wearing it, but also because she’s wearing it for her first sexual contact in the brothel and is practically wearing a gigantic condom. I just wanted it to resemble the hue of a period condom. It sounds terrible, but that’s exactly what I was thinking.

Holly’s latex cape was custom-made by Vex Clothing and is likely the outfit with the greatest screen time in the film. Some additional gowns include frilled trimming made from translucent natural latex. But we have no doubt that its usage by Poor Things’ costume designer Holly Waddinton was a natural decision in every sense of the word, rather than a crass effort at attention!

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