Latex Reigns Supreme: Venus & Violet Dominates AVN Awards with Avant-Garde Fashion!

Latex Reigns Supreme: Venus & Violet Dominates AVN Awards with Avant-Garde Fashion!

Stepping onto the red carpet of the AVN Awards 2024, a trio of celebrities captivated onlookers with their stunning latex ensembles crafted by Venus & Violet.

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Taking place at Resorts World Las Vegas in Nevada, the AVN Awards showcase film awards sponsored and presented by the American adult video industry trade magazine AVN. The world of latex clothing was repped by performers and celebs alike.

Iggy Azalea

The Australian rapper, 33, who we’ve seen wearing latex fashion recently during her full headline slot at e-sports and gaming event Gamers8 donned an all black latex bodysuit, stockings and briefs for a powerful looking ensemble as she posed on the red carpet and performed the star-struck AVN Awards show. Styled by celebrity favourite Zoe Costello, Iggy emphasised her gorgeous style, stealing the show.

Jenna Foxx

Adult movie star Jenna Foxx went into full Barbie mode as she wore a bubble gum pink dress and hood for the event.

Raylin Joy

Singer-songwriter and actress Raylin Joy paired a low cut, full length latex gown with a golden shimmering chest plate to create a combination which would surely make Cleopatra proud. Designed by Violet Vargas, the choice of outfit by The Calamatix singer was both gorgeous and innovative.

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