MUST SEE Tips for Wearing Latex in Summer | Friday Five Latex Style Guide

Must See Tips for Wearing Latex Fashion in Summer Friday Five Latex Style Guide

It’s no secret that wearing latex fashion during the summer season can be difficult. But just because it’s summer and the weather is getting hotter, this shouldn’t mean you can’t enjoy your favourite latex outfits. Join us as we discuss our top tips for wearing latex in summer for this weeks “Friday Five”.

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Choose What Latex You Wear Wisely

Be sure to plan ahead and give some thought to exactly what latex outfit and garments you are going to wear, especially on a very hot day. In the summer months, dare to bare and try to stick to wearing lightweight and minimal latex clothing and mix it with conventional items.

For the girls, be sure to wear items that are light, airy and not too figure-hugging. This will allow your skin to breathe and expel any excess heat which may build up.

Honour Clothing Womens Latex Fashion O Ring Bikini Wearing Latex in Summer Style Guide How To Tips
Honour O-Ring Latex Bikini
Honour Clothing


Combine this stunning bikini, with its cute O-Ring details, and a pair of denim shorts for the perfect summer look. Spot on for lounging in the garden with a chilled drink.

Latex Couture Scoop Neck Bodysuit
Latex Couture Womens Latex Plunge Neck Bodysuit Swimsuit Wearing Latex in Summer Style Guide How To Tips
Latex Couture

£65.00 (use code 'LATEX247' at checkout to save an incredible 5%)

Perfect for resting by the pool or going for a quick dip, this bodysuit and swimsuit from Latex Couture is made for summer! Make sure you're beach ready!

Honour Clothing Womens Latex Skating Skater Skirt Wearing Latex in Summer Style Guide How To Tips
Honour Latex Skating Skirt
Honour Clothing


This light and airy skating skirt is made to be worn on a night out. Add a cotton crop top and a pair of wedge heels for the ultimate head turner.

And for the guys, remember that less is more during the summer. Shorts and swimwear are a fantastic choice, especially by the pool!

Honour Clothing Mens Latex Fashion Boxer Shorts Wearing Latex in Summer Style Guide How To Tips
Honour Zipped Boxer Shorts
Honour Clothing


Take a pair of latex boxer shorts, add a comfy T-shirt and you've got an excellent outfit for staying cool, and shiny, at home.

Honour Contrast Trunks
Honour Clothing Mens Latex Fashion Contrast Pants Wearing Latex in Summer Style Guide How To Tips
Honour Clothing


It's not only the girls who should be able to lounge by the pool! With this pair of latex trunks, with eye catching contrasting stripe, the pool is definitely calling!

If you’re looking for some tips for what to wear on the beach or at the pool this year, be sure to check out our Top 2021 Essential Latex Swimwear review.

Stay Hydrated

Wearing latex can cause you to get sweaty which can lead to you becoming dehydrated. Ensure you drink plenty of water and keep yourself topped up at all times. Replacing body water lost through sweating is an essential process for your wellbeing – just ensure your choice of latex fashion has a suitable zip for those bathroom breaks!

Avoid drinking too much alcohol as this is known to de-hydrate the body. If you are planning on having a few drinks, make sure you regularly top up with water.

Another great tip is ensure you keep externally hydrated. Using a small wet face cloth, run it over your neck, behind the ears, around the wrists and over shoulders. The water residue will keep your skin moist and the liquid will evaporate on your skin, keeping you cooler. For extra coolness, grab a glass of ice to make the water really cold!

Stay Indoors or in Summer Shade

It’s important to remember that direct sunlight can often cause discolouration of latex and that prolonged periods of exposure to heat will make the material brittle, fade and deform. Therefore it is advisable to not expose your outfit to UV rays for too long without a break. Latex fashion care company, beGLOSS, produce a unique high shine gloss with added UV protection so you can not only be sure that your latex outfit shine in the summer, but that it is also protected.

beGLOSS Perfect Shine Daylight 250 UV Protection Latex Fashion
beGLOSS Perfect Shine High Gloss with UV Protection
  • Perfect Shine Daylight Protection Spray protects your latex against UV radiation

  • For rubber lovers who like to wear their latex during a day in the sun

When possible, stay indoors as it can often be cooler than venturing outdoors. Ideally, an air-conditioned environment is best where the temperature can be controlled and maintained at a cool level.

If you do head outside whilst wearing latex in summer, ensure that you stay in the shade wherever possible and avoid being outside at the hottest times of the day (normally around midday to early afternoon).

This tip not only protects you but also helps to protect your favourite latex items.

Take A Break (Both for you AND your latex)

Try to avoid wearing your favourite latex fashions for more time than you feel comfortable. If possible, take off your outfit at regular intervals and allow your body and latex to recover. Mix and match latex garments throughout the day and vary your wardrobe alongside it – it’s amazing what outfits you can come up with.

As the sun starts to set, and temperatures being to drop, take the opportunity in the evening to switch out your outfit.

Latex Aftercare

Once the day (or night) is over be sure to protect your latex fashion garments and ensure they are cleaned thoroughly of all sweat and dirt which may have accumulated. Be sure to wash your garments thoroughly and then hang to slowly dry. Adding a cleaning agent such as the below from beGLOSS will help to protect and preserve your latex garment.

beGLOSS Special Wash Latex Fashion Cleaning Agent
beGLOSS Special Wash
  • beGLOSS SPECIAL WASH detergent, cleans and hygienically purifies

  • Gentle cleaning agent for rubber & latex garments

  • Thoroughly removes skin, fat and oil residues

  • Odourless

Be sure to take a look at our Practical Tips: Caring for Latex article for some great ideas to help keep your latex looking its best.

If you’d like to find out about other latex fashion how-to guides and styling tips, check out the full style guide series and let us know what you want to see us style 5 ways next time in the comments below.

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