Libidex Announces Winter Latex Clothing Sale

Libidex Launches Winter Latex Fashion Clothing Sale

By their own admission, Libidex may be a little late starting their winter latex clothing sale but that doesn’t mean that the distinctive and iconic brand hasn’t let us down – announcing an unbelievable 25% off pretty much their entire range.

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Featuring everyday latex essentials such as leggings and trousers, underwear and stockings to unique skirts, catsuits, hoodies and loetards. Whether you are browsing through the brands Hot and Skimpy Male Collection or one of their classic bestsellers, you are bound to find first-class quality for great prices. Don’t miss this stupefying 25% OFF.

Simply head over to their website at to select your next latex garment.

No word on when this amazing winter sale from Libidex ends so you’d better be quick in securing a bargain!

Be sure to follow Libidex on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Let us know in the comments section below which garments and outfits you’d either love to buy during the Libidex Winter Sale, or have already added to your basket and checked out.

For other special latex fashion offers and sales, be sure to check out our Sales & Offers category frequently.

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