Avellano Unveils Exclusive Workshops: Master the Art of Latex Fashion!

Avellano Unveils Exclusive Workshops: Master the Art of Latex Fashion!

There can only be a handful of latex clothing designers around the globe who have had more of an impact on the promotion and visibility of latex fashion, in recent years, than Avellano so it’s especially exciting to hear that the Parisian based brand has recently announced a unique opportunity to master the art of latex fashion thanks to a series of in-person workshops.

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With celebrity endorsements including Mia Regan, Rita Ora, Munroe Bergdorf and Timothée Chalamet, the Avellano brand has gone from strength to strength since winning their ANDAM Fashion Award last year.

Entitled “Formation Latex”, each of the six hour long latex workshops takes place at the Avellano studio in Paris and promises to provide you with all the necessary skills and know-how to create your own latex clothing. Each day is presented into two sessions:

  • A theory based workshop with Arthur Avellano, founder and artistic director of the brand. Arthur will talk about the presentation of the brand, origin of latex and its use in fashion.
  • Practical workshop with Théo Granel responsible for the Avellano Workshop, and the presentation of the basic techniques for making latex clothing.

All latex, tools and supplies are provided by the workshop.

At €800 per ticket, attendance to either of the Avellano workshops is certainly an investment (although these are online courses available from designers such as Rose Noir Designs) but this is certainly guaranteed to be an unforgetable experience.

Date are currently available on both the 16th March 2024 and 20th April 2024 and can be booked online via https://www.studioavellano.com/formation-latex/

For the latest latex clothing collection reveals and releases be sure to check back often to our specially curated new releases section here at Latex24/7.


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