Valentine’s Day Makeup Magic with Jheanelle Corine


Jheanelle Corine is truly a jack of all trades and in her latest YouTube video viewers see this come to life more than ever before. Hollywood’s new fashion filmmaker and esteemed influencer in the realm of latex couture rekindles her mastery of makeup tutorials with a captivating and comprehensive Valentine’s Day-themed video. However this latest tutorial isn’t merely a guide to enhancing one’s appearance for the holiday; it’s a treasure trove of insights and tips that resonate year-round, radiating versatility and impact. You’ll want to watch this video time and time again for a multitude of reasons; for not only its entertainment value, but rather the quality lessons one can learn about makeup, styling, and life.

In her tutorial, Jheanelle imparts invaluable wisdom, presenting a classic red glitter lip look that transcends the boundaries of a singular occasion. Although the video was shared right on time for those of us simply looking for an easy Valentine’s Day glam, these bold, vibrant, and classic colors can be applied to so many uses. Remember, this look is all about highlighting red, a color which is used not only to represent love, romance, and Valentine’s Day, but can also be utilized for a bloody Halloween vampire or cheerful winter reindeer– the possibilities are just endless. Also glitter, a fashion material which is too often overlooked, has a unique ability to enhance impact and add scintillating visuals to an otherwise expected look. We love Jheanelle’s use of timeless yet dazzling details to create original looks that are suitable for any latex lover on their favorite festive celebration. The beauty of this tutorial lies in its simplicity, juxtaposed against its profound impact, showcasing Jheanelle’s knack for infusing glamor effortlessly into one’s style repertoire.

The focal point of this makeup ensemble is the vibrant red glitter lip, a quintessential element that epitomizes sophistication and festivity, capable of elevating any look to a sublime level. Jheanelle’s astute guidance ensures that this classic lip look remains accessible, offering viewers a timeless accessory to accompany their style for various occasions throughout the year. In fact the steps Jheanelle provides for viewers to achieve this makeup look are quite easy, and the video concludes in just under 20 minutes, only lasting so long because of the steamy romance story Jheanelle dishes. But before you get too riled up, here’s an abbreviated description of all the steps necessary to achieve a Valentine’s Day approved red glitter lip.

Jheanelle begins the tutorial by explaining what products you may generally use to prep your lips. Any nourishing lip balm (she opts for Dr. Paw Paw) you prefer can serve as an effective shield against drying or damage for the day to come. Once you’ve primed your lips, Jheanelle then explains that it’s time for lip liner, where she uses a dark brown, not red, colored lining pencil. “Using the darkest brown you have as a liner for your red lipstick is an essential. When you use a dark shade like that around the perimeter of your lips and in the corners it gives the appearance of a fuller, much more plush pout,” shares Corine in her video. By the way, this is an insider tip you can utilize any time you wear red lipstick, not only for the purpose of a glitter lip.

Once the lip liner has been applied be sure to blend out any visible contours on the lips. You should ideally use a lip brush or any small sized makeup brush to do so, however some opt for simply using their fingers when they’re in a pinch. Now that the lip liner is complete, Jheanelle instructs viewers to apply their red lipstick directly over the lip liner, being sure to follow and cover the liner precisely. In the video she uses liquid lipstick, which you should be aware has pluses and minuses. While liquid lipstick is better for attaching glitter onto, it’s also more challenging to blend with lip liner. In any event, when you’re finished there should be no brown liner any longer visible. Once the foundation of the lip is on, it’s time to add the glitter!

Valentine's Day Makeup Magic with Jheanelle Corine

Jheanelle recommends using a glitter colour that matches your lipstick, so she opts for red holographic. To adhere the glitter to your mouth and make it last, you’ll want to use NYX’s glitter primer product, dabbing just enough directly onto the area you want glitter. Do not colour outside of the lines on this one, as the glitter can easily go everywhere if the glitter primer isn’t placed exactly where you want it. This product also dries quickly, so add your glitter in patches until the final look is complete.

Complementing this exquisite makeup style is Jheanelle’s sartorial prowess, exemplified by the transparent smokey black hood from Maskin Latex, an esteemed Etsy-sold latex designer. The transparency of the hood, accentuated by mesmerizing big eye openings and seductive visible seams, presents an ethereal and alluring element to the Valentine’s Day ensemble. Paired seamlessly with a hardware-adorned bralette in the same colour palette, the ensemble exudes flawless elegance, an embodiment of sophistication and sensuality.

However, the video transcends the realms of makeup and fashion, delving into Jheanelle’s personal journey within the world of latex. Amidst the discussions of style and makeup, Jheanelle candidly shares an intimate anecdote, a reminiscence from her years residing and studying in South Africa – a tale that interweaves seamlessly into the romantic ambience of Valentine’s Day, adding a touch of steamy allure to the narrative.

This amalgamation of makeup artistry, fashion elegance, and personal anecdotes not only showcases Jheanelle’s multifaceted talents but also presents viewers with a multifaceted and captivating experience. Beyond the surface of beauty tutorials, Jheanelle crafts a narrative that resonates deeply, offering a glimpse into the captivating world of latex fashion intertwined with elements of passion and romance.

Valentine's Day Makeup Magic with Jheanelle Corine

For those intrigued by Jheanelle’s fusion of makeup, fashion, and personal anecdotes, this video stands as a treasure trove of inspiration and style guidance, encapsulating the essence of elegance and allure within the evocative confines of Valentine’s Day celebrations.

As viewers immerse themselves in this enthralling journey, guided by Jheanelle’s expertise and magnetic storytelling, they unearth a captivating narrative woven within the enchanting folds of makeup, fashion, and intimate tales of passion. Watch it here now, and stay updated on Facebook, Instagram, and Poshmark.

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