Shokushu Boutique Reveals New Collection at London Fashion Week

Shokushu Boutique new

London Fashion Week provides the ideal showcase for both established fashion designers and independent brands to showcase their apparel, and it was the turn of Shokushu Boutique to do just that.

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Speaking exclusively to Latex24/7, Shokushu Boutique owner Emily explained the unique twist she brings to her designs. “Shokushu Boutique creates unique, statement looks, exclusively in high-quality latex.”, Emily told us, “Inspired by an ‘East meets West’ culture clash, which includes influences from Harajuku street style and Korean Pop and Hip Hop.” The latex clothing brand was first established in the UK in 2014 and each piece is made by hand with no outsourcing to cheap, unethical factories.

Under the Sign of the Moon A/W24 – The New Collection from Shokushu Boutique

We last saw Shokushu Boutique appearing at London Fashion Week during 2021 as the brand launched their ‘Into Temptation’ latex collection. Three years later Shokushu were back at St John’s Church, London, as part of the Fashions Finest event.

The new collection entitled “Under the Sign of the Moon” takes inspiration from a passage from medieval poem “Le Roman de la Rose” which dates back to circa 1230 AD, “She was fair as the radiant moon. Beside which the distant stars tremble and seem each like only little candles”, Emily told us. “Under the Sign of the Moon” is a collection influenced by Emily’s doctoral research into sixteenth-century French queens.

Shokushu Boutique’s Autumn/Winter 2024 collection is inspired by Renaissance moon iconography, referencing the chaste goddess Diana, the Catholic Church and the Virgin Mary. The Renaissance has been a constant source of inspiration for twenty-first century Korean and Japanese pop culture, from Moon-themed anime to BTS music videos. A palette of pinks, reds, purples and blues with highlights of gold evokes the romance and luxury of royal clothing at the height of Renaissance France with a twenty-first century twist.

Shokushu Boutique new "Under the Sign of the Moon" collection revealed at London Fashion Week
Shokushu Boutique owner Emily received applause at the end of her catwalk reveal

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