Odd Territory Sale – HUGE SAVINGS

Odd Territory Latex Fashion Sale

Dutch based latex designer extraordinaire Odd Territory are currently having a huge sale on a long list of sample items, with some out of this world savings, available for those quick enough to be able to snap up a bargain.

Odd Territory owner, Kim OnArt, has recently put a huge selection of her exquisitely designed latex outfits on special offer. All of the latex garments on sale have only been worn very briefly (often only for a single photo shoot) so are pretty much good as new. There really are a number of savings which are too good to be missed.

Just some of the examples of amazing and unbelievable savings currently on offer are:

Odd Territory Latex Fashion Sale Black and Electric Pink Dress Odd Territory Latex Fashion Sale Aqua Dress Odd Territory Latex Fashion Sale Platinum Dress
Black and electric pink dress with lasercut trim
€200 reduced to €80
Long blue aqua dress with gloves
€350 reduced to €115
Platinum with yellow dress. Including arm accessories
€280 reduced to €80


For a full list of all current Odd Territory sale items please check out their sample sale page for further details.

You can also follow Odd Territory on social media to view many of their other awesome designs:

To be kept up to date with other latex fashion reductions from designers and vendors worldwide, keep an eye on our Sales and Offers section.

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