Practical Tips: Wearing Latex in Summer (2019 Update)

Wearing Latex in summer can be difficult but take a look at these practical tips to help you wear your favourite outfit in hot weather

Wearing Latex Fashion Tips for Summer Hot Weather

After the huge success of last years practical tips giving ideas on how to wear our favourite material in the heat of the summer months, we felt it was time for an update now that tempeartures are starting to rise.

There’s no denying that we love wearing the shiny stuff (and it’s probably why you’re on this site right now) but it does have a tendency to keep you a little warmer than would be the case with traditional materials. This is great during the winter months but it can make it difficult to wear latex in summer during the hot weeks and months.

Here’s our updated top tips for dealing with the hot weather whilst wearing our favourite fashion items:

Stay Hydrated

Summer Water Hydration

Due to the increase in body water lost through sweating it’s important not to become dehydrated. Ensure you drink plenty of water and keep yourself topped up at all times. Replacing body water lost through sweating is an essential process for your wellbeing – just ensure your choice of latex fashion has a suitable zip for those bathroom breaks!

Avoid drinking too much alcohol as this is known to de-hydrate the body. If you are planning on having a few drinks, make sure you regularly top up with water.

Another great tip is ensure you keep externally hydrated. Using a small wet face cloth, run it over your neck, behind the ears, around the wrists and over shoulders. The water residue will keep your skin moist and the liquid will evaporate on your skin, keeping you cooler. For extra coolness, grab a glass of ice to make the water really cold!

Talc Up Your Latex!

Applying talcum powder to the inside of any latex items you wear not only makes it easier to get on but also helps to stop you sweating.

Make sure that you apply this before wearing the outfit and you’ll find things take a little longer to get sticky.

Take a Fan

Folding fans, such as this handheld fan or mini portable powered fan, help to circulate air and keep you cool for longer. They can also be a perfect accessory for your outfit.

Avoid Long Hair

The majority of your body head is released through your face and head. This is a big problem for hair and make-up and, in particular, long hair which is down can cause your head to accumulate heat more quickly. Where possible, try to wear your hair up and keep it away from your face and neck. This will allow heat to disipate easier and stop sweat from building up elsewhere on your body. Avoid wearing heavy hats during summer as these will block the heat from being released through your scalp.

Stay Indoors

Where possible stay indoors as it can often be cooler than venturing outdoors. Ideally an air-conditioned environment is best where the temperature can be controlled and maintained at a cool level. Air conditioning and cooler units are now coming down in price and there are many portable examples such as the Daewoo Portable Air Cooler and Humidifier.

Summer Shade

If you do need to go outside whilst wearing latex in summer, ensure that you stay in the shade wherever possible and avoid being outside at the hottest times of the day (normally around midday to early afternoon). In a city the buildings will often produce shade at least in one side of the street. So cross the road to be in the shade. It makes a huge difference. Also, don’t forget that direct sunlight can often cause discolouration of latex so ensure you don’t expose your outfit to UV rays for too long without a break.

This tip not only protects you but also helps to protect your favourite latex items.

Choose What Latex You Wear Wisely

Be careful, and give some thought, to exactly what latex outfit you are going to wear. In the summer months less is more so try to stick to wearing less latex clothing and mix it with conventional items.

For the girls, stick to items which are light and airy such as the Westward Bound Mini Skating Skirt. Alternatively, latex designers such as Honour sell a stunning Latex Bikini and Shhh Couture Latex sell an extremely pretty Hello Kitty inspired Boob Tube, both of which could be teamed with some casual shorts or jeans.

Boys have options such as Libidex’s Boxer Shorts or a set of Hipster Pants from Honour.

Don’t Overdo It!

Try to avoid wearing your favourite latex fashions for more time than you feel comfortable. If possible, take off your outfit at regular intervals and allow your body to recover.

Latex Aftercare

Once the day (or night) is over be sure to protect your latex fashion garments and ensure they are cleaned thoroughly of all sweat which has collected. Take a look at our Practical Tips: Caring for Latex article for some great ideas to help keep your latex looking its best.

Do you have any other tips for helping to cope with wearing latex in summer. If so, send us a comment below.

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