FBLD – One Woman Mission to Showcase Italian Latex at its Best


FBLD, the Italian artisan company founded by Francesca Bellingeri in Vigevano, who began working with latex in 2013 after graduating from Politecnico di Milano University, specialises in making natural latex clothing and accessories. The team, made up entirely of young Italian women, creates handmade products for its own brand and for third parties, collaborating with the most important International Fashion Houses. The brand recently launched an in-depth and unique behind the scenes video talking about the launch of the brand and its ever expanding collections.

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In the video Francesca talks about her first experience of learning the required techniques for the manufacture of latex garments, initially as a hobby then as a second job before finally launching FBLD in 2019 where she was able to create her own latex clothing and accessories company in Vigevano.

Shot by videographers Anteros and _too_juicy, the video gives a unique and extensive look at the brands aims, responsibilities and desire to use only the highest quality natural latex sheets from Europe, which are vegan and plant-derived, and Francesca’s desire to make people feel good wearing their garments on all kinds of occasions.  For example, their basic line is a representative collection of the brand, featuring simple garments that enhance
every body shape.

FBLD is a self-funded micro-enterprise that currently has 5 employees, all young Italian women from Vigevano or the Milanese district, coming from different school and work experiences. It’s clear that Bellingeri has a passion for nurturing young talent and this goes in tandem with the aims to become a bigger company which will provide more job opportunities in the local area. The owner makes a point of emphasising her wish “to be an inspiration for other young creatives to rediscover craftsmanship and create something tangible and real in an increasingly digital and precarious world”

Amen to That!

Be sure to check out the entire video below and over on the FBLD Latex YouTube channel:

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