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    Mrs. Gravedigger is a small, independent and innovative latex design studio and workshop, based in Frankfurt, Germany.

    The owner, Samira Tax, finished her fashion tailor and assistant in technical clothing studies back in 2010. During an internship at a well known German latex producer, she started to explore Latex as a potential material for her designs and products. In 2014 Samira Tax offered her own latex lingerie line.

    With now, more than 8 years of experience, lots of dedication and passion Samira Tax envisioned a wide range of beautiful feminine lingerie designs that elegantly mix different materials such as latex, cotton and delicate lace.

    Mrs. Gravedigger designs can be described as modern, playful, elegant and noble. Highest quality and perfection in her craftsmanship are key to her success. All products are created by Samira herself in loving handwork.

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