Unveiling Jheanelle Corine’s Latest Latex Fashion Guide: A Return to Elegance


Jheanelle Corine, the luminary fashion filmmaker and latex influencer, has graced our screens again with her much-awaited return to YouTube after a two-month hiatus. Earlier this week, Jheanelle Corine dropped a brand new YouTube style guide, this time comparing two of latex fashion’s top designers, Bright&Shiny Store vs Beth Parkin. This video has been long awaited for a variety of reasons. In Corine’s latest video latex aficionados finally get the answers to a question we would all like to know– whether custom made rubber is truly necessary to get the perfect fit. By juxtaposing a classic, yet challenging to perfect latex item, like beloved black rubber leggings, viewers have a rare opportunity to see firsthand whether they are actually getting what they pay for when they choose made-to-measure items.

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Fans have eagerly anticipated Jheanelle’s revival on social media platforms, witnessing her resurgence on Instagram and Facebook, despite the recent closure of her centralized latex fashion hub, inlatex.com. However, Jheanelle’s hiatus has paved the way for an astounding comeback, characterized by a reinvigorated presence and a strategic redirection towards her vintage clothing haven, Poshmark, where aficionados can now access featured latex apparel at considerable discounts. If that wasn’t exciting enough for you, fans should get pumped for what Jheanelle has in store next.

What eludes many admirers is the grander scheme behind these alterations – a precursor to her inaugural short film, currently under production. Jheanelle has shared details about her filmmaking journey previously on her YouTube channel in vlogs and behind the scenes on-set footage, but has yet to release a film for theatrical distribution. Thus any news about Jheanelle Corine’s films have been very hush-hush so far, leaving hardcore fans in bated breath for close to a year. Hence viewers have a real treat to look forward to in 2024, as it’s rumored that Jheanelle’s debut film will be nothing short of a rollercoaster for the senses.

What many do not know is that before Jheanelle ever became interested in fashion or filmmaking, she first performed as a dancer; a talent we can only hope she’ll launch into the spotlight in her debut film. But before this cinematic debut, Jheanelle’s YouTube video serves as a precursor, offering a tantalizing glimpse into her sartorial world. With that said, fans are invited to take a deep dive into the items Jheanelle reviews for her informational and extremely entertaining latest video.

Jheanelle Corine wears Bright and Shiny Store latex leggings
Hear what Jheanelle thinks about these latex leggings from Bright&Shiny Store

In this enthralling video, Jheanelle elegantly models two distinctive latex ensembles, both centered around the timeless allure of classic black latex leggings and pants. The initial ensemble spotlights the Bright&Shiny Store leggings, renowned for their affordability and basic, essential pieces that cater to burgeoning latex enthusiasts. Yet, despite their acclaim and Jheanelle’s loyalty to the brand (Corine claims she’s shopped at Bright&Shiny Store since she first learned about latex many years ago) Jheanelle doesn’t shy away from voicing her concerns about the leggings. The pair in question, though purchased in her proper off-the-rack size, has too much room in the crotch and not enough space for her thighs and bottom. Thus Jheanelle brings to our attention an interesting detail about Bright&Shiny clothing– a lack of accommodation for curves in their off-the-rack latex leggings and catsuits. This was an unexpected obstacle considering having previously worn skirts, dresses, and stockings from Bright&Shiny with ease, not to mention Corine’s very slender figure. Jheanelle, in good faith to the brand, states that made-to-measure items may be best when choosing to purchase anything with pant legs in Bright&Shiny’s clothing catalog.

Undeterred by the initial setback, the climax of the video unveils a bespoke pair of latex pants from the acclaimed UK designer, Beth Parkin. These bespoke pants, adorned with exquisite gold zipper accents and further embellished with chic back pockets, embody the epitome of couture craftsmanship. Jheanelle exudes satisfaction with their superior fit, advocating for personalized tailoring as the pinnacle of the latex fashion experience. This emphasis on tailored elegance resonates deeply with Jheanelle’s discerning audience, fostering an appreciation for bespoke creations that impeccably align with individual contours and preferences. That being said, the audience is still encouraged to explore and try different designer’s off-the-rack items as Jheanelle states, “one can only find the best designer, who offers the best fit, by trying on many pieces and seeing what works best for you.” Jheanelle also encourages viewers to check each designer’s size guide and compare with their own body measurements to ensure the best fit. Finally, if you’re unsure or between sizes, sizing down is probably your best bet considering that latex is a stretch material which looks better when it is 100% skintight.

Jheanelle Corine wears Beth Parkin latex leggings
Latex fashionista Jheanelle Corine showcases a pair of latex leggings from designer Beth Parkin

Beyond the sartorial spectacle, Jheanelle, in her characteristic finesse, concludes by directing her followers to peruse her curated closet, a treasure trove accessible via Poshmark. This strategic move not only endorses sustainable fashion but also cultivates a community-driven approach. Thus enthusiasts who absolutely love the outfits modeled in this or in any of her videos can upgrade their fashion journey by acquiring featured pieces from Jheanelle’s collection. We checked, and while Jheanelle’s closet looks absolutely amazing, the Bright&Shiny latex leggings have already sold. But Jheanelle assures us that new items are being added everyday; so be sure to check it out now!

As the video concludes, it’s evident that Jheanelle Corine’s return to the digital sphere is not merely a resurrection but a reinvention, a deliberate and calculated resurgence that foreshadows her impending cinematic venture. We’re excited to see what the young female filmmaker has in store for us and support her in her long awaited transition towards Hollywood.

With her weekly YouTube releases scheduled every Sunday at 11:30 EST, followers remain eagerly poised to embark on her fashion odyssey, eagerly anticipating each chapter unveiled within her exquisitely crafted latex narrative. Most importantly, fans have a fabulous cinematic experience to anticipate in the near future. For more information be sure to follow Jheanelle Corine on Instagram, Facebook, and watch her latest YouTube video here.

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