GK Barry Redefines Red Carpet Glamour in Elissa Poppy Latex at “Barbie The Movie” London Premiere

GK Barry Redefines Red Carpet Glamour in Elissa Poppy Latex at
© Instagram / GK Barry

In a dazzling display of fashion prowess, TikTok star GK Barry graced the London premiere of “Barbie The Movie” in a show-stopping ensemble by renowned designer Elissa Poppy. The red carpet was transformed into a runway as Barry confidently strutted her stuff, captivating onlookers with her unique style and fearless attitude.

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Clearly the summer trend for Barbiecore is here to stay, thanks to the release of the much-anticipated movie, and we’re here for adding a latex touch to it, as already highlighted by model and activist Munroe Bergdorf wearing custom Atsuko Kudo latex to the premiere.

Barry, known for her vibrant TikTok content and whose real name is Grace Keeling, has become a prominent figure in the world of fashion and entertainment. With her charismatic personality and creative videos, she has amassed a massive following and continues to inspire her fans with her bold fashion choices.

For the London premiere, the social media star opted for an extraordinary outfit that perfectly reflected her edgy persona. Weraing a head-turning custom latex creation by Elissa Poppy, showcasing the designer’s avant-garde aesthetic. The form-fitting crimson ensemble accentuated Barry’s curves, exuding confidence and sophistication.

She took to her GK Barry Intagram profile to show off the incredible Barbie themed latex outfit:

Elissa Poppy is celebrated for her innovative designs that push boundaries and challenge conventions. The collaboration between Barry and Poppy was a match made in fashion heaven, resulting in a truly iconic look for the red carpet event.

Barry’s choice to wear Elissa Poppy latex to the premiere not only demonstrated her fashion-forward approach but also highlighted the increasing influence of social media personalities on the fashion industry. With her immense popularity on TikTok, Barry has become a trendsetter, inspiring her followers and influencing their style choices.

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