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    Karin has always been single-minded: as a child, she dreamed of marrying a farmer. And so she married him! Therefore her career as a florist and gardener was history for the time being. Instead of the finest flower arrangements, she now had pitchforks or other coarse equipment in her creative hands. By the way, she gave birth to two sons. And even though Karin loved working on the farm, at some point her creative longing stubbornly returned, combined with a second life dream: to become self-employed.

    The attempt to set up a small florist shop in the yard failed. This was not bad in so far as fate had intended something else for her anyway. Karin, who was always curious and eager to experiment, didn’t know anything at that time but was then quickly pushed in the right direction. But the story from the beginning.

    Coincidentally, a lady whom Karin met rather casually was looking for someone to do her tailoring. And since Karin’s most faithful companion since her teenage days is the sewing machine, the question was quite obvious: “Karin, do you want to take the job?!” Why not, she thought to herself. And so she started working as a modification tailor for lacquer and leather and so she besides started working. Again sometime later, the colleague for the latex department was permanently absent. “Karin, would you like to take over the department?”, so the renewed question.

    The processing of latex has as little to do with the usual “sewing” as a Big Mac has to do with healthy nutrition. Since Karin’s genes also include the genes of “research and discovery”, she courageously said yes.

    And then: off into the cold water and explore this latex. How do you glue it together so that it looks nice in the end? How do you cut the individual pieces, which are much more elastic than fabric? These and many other questions were answered in a very practical way over time: by trying out and testing. Karin is extremely patient in this regard and is only satisfied when the desired result has been achieved.

    The rest of the success story was purely a matter of form:

    Karin started her own business in 2004 with the creation of latex fashion, converted the former cowshed into a workshop and store and quickly became known in the latex scene. In 2004 she founded the label Rosengarn. In 2019 she has already been nominated for the State Prize “Manufactum NRW 2019” for a design – in 2020 the next nomination for the growth initiative of the GründerRegion Aachen followed.

    Especially her jackets are real works of art, completely suitable for everyday use and that is what makes the label Rosengarn so unique.
    Because Karin’s vision is: to bring latex design fashion in the range of street style to as many people as possible.

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