Latex Confessions – Our Day at Honour Clothing


Tuesday 25th August – waking up to a room full of sunshine beaming in through the bedroom window, I could already tell that it was going to be a great day. But this day began with an elevated sense of anticipation and excitement as I knew that I would shortly be heading to spend the day at one of our favourite shops, Honour Clothing.

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Eagerness and elation filled the air as myself and the bestie, Bunny de la Croix, awaited our train to London. This wasn’t the first time we’d visited Honour Clothing – I’d been previously and purchased my first latex outfit and I knew straight away that I would be back for more. But this return trip simply couldn’t have come quick enough!

As our train arrived at the station and we exited the carriage, we caught a glimpse of the summer sun enveloping the city of London. This was going to be a good day, full of a variety of shine from both the summer sun and the outfits we were both feverishly wanting to try on!

A short trip on the Tube later and we arrived in Waterloo. We could almost smell the latex!
Luckily the store is easily within walking distance of Waterloo station and so the suspense would shortly be realised for us both. As we approached the shop we could see the window displays, revealing a small sample of the exquisite outfits to passersby, which only added to the expectancy.

Honour Clothing Waterloo Store Front
The Honour Clothing Waterloo Store

From the moment we entered the shop we were warmly welcomed by the staff, who were not only incredibly friendly but also very knowledgeable about the brand’s history and their current collections. They dedicated the time to assist and help us, answer questions and guided us through the various sections of the store, showcasing the latest trends in latex fashion. Being able to touch and feel the items made the decision making process so much easier as we were able to visualise how the outfit would look once worn far more than just from photos.

The range was truly incredible; with everything from latex dresses, skirts and tops to leggings, corsets and lingerie. There was even a full rack of latex catsuits! The amazing staff helped us put together a few outfits that suited our styles and personalities perfectly. It was amazing how a well-chosen accessory or jacket could transform a look.Honour Clothing Inside Store Display

Honour Clothing Inside Store Display

The opportunity to try on several garments was invaluable. Bunny and I loved trying on a number of items, mixing and matching…it was so much fun! We could have happily spent all day there.

Before leaving, I couldn’t resist making a few purchases (I wish I could have taken the whole store home with me). The exquisite pieces I bought will be cherished additions to my wardrobe. But now it was time to take our new purchases for their first outing in public…

I can’t recommend Honour Clothing highly enough. From helpful and knowledgeable staff, to the wide range of choices and incredible value, and the opportunity to try on products before purchase…Honour has you covered. We’ll definitely be back again soon


p.s. be sure to check out our behind-the-scenes vlog from our day out, from my Instagram profile, which features the best bits of the day x

About Skin Two and Honour Clothing

Honour Clothing has a rich history and a remarkable reputation in the world of latex fashion. Established in the early 1990s, the brand quickly became a leading brand known for its exceptional quality and attention to detail. With a team of skilled artisans and designers, they have consistently pushed the boundaries of latex fashion, combining innovative designs with traditional craftsmanship. Honour Clothing has catered to a diverse clientele whilst providing an extraordinary and unforgettable experience. Their creations, meticulously handcrafted using the finest latex materials, offer a perfect blend of sensuality, elegance, and avant-garde aesthetics as they continue to captivate fashion lovers and leave an indelible mark on the latex fashion industry.

And for those of you with a more adventurous streak don’t forget to check out Honour’s partner store, Skin Two, for even more shiny outfits. Read more about the transformation of Honour into Skin Two as we covered it previously here at Latex24/7.

For more latex clothes styling tips and how-to articles be sure to check out our style guide section regularly.


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