Wearing Latex in Summer (2023 Update) | Friday Five Latex Style Guide

Wearing Latex in Summer Friday Five Latex Style Guide

It’s no secret that wearing latex clothing in the summer may be challenging. But just because it’s summer and the temperature is rising doesn’t mean you can’t wear your fave latex clothes. This “Friday Five” will explore our best suggestions for wearing latex in the summer.

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Keep it Lightweight

Plan ahead of time and give some thought to what latex clothing you will wear, especially on a hot day. Dare to bare throughout the summer months by wearing lightweight, minimal latex apparel mixed with traditional stuff.

Choose thinner latex clothes for increased ventilation and comfort in the summer heat. Lighter latex will improve air circulation, lowering the danger of overheating. Sleeveless tops and open-back dresses or bodysuits can help keep you cooler by exposing more skin to the air.

Wear things that are light, breezy, and not too figure-hugging for the ladies. This allows your skin to breathe and eliminate any extra heat that has accumulated.

Rapture O Ring Bikini Latex Bra
Available Online



With triangle bikini style cups and a halterneck, this Rapture O Ring Bikini Latex Bra is perfect for the summer heat, keeping you cool and shiny!

Kyong Swimsuit
Available Online



A unique latex swimsuit with cut outs on each panel. Be the talk of the poolside in this amazing latex piece!

Halter Latex Dress
Available Online



Go for a spin in this retro styled all black Sandy Halter Latex Dress with a full circle skirt.

A twisto on that classic 50s look, this dress flows beautifully allowing the chance for your skin to breathe.

Similar to the latex dress worn in our first Latex Confession

For the boys, keep in mind that less is more during the summer. Shorts and trunks are an excellent choice, especially for lounging by the pool!
Zipped Boxer Shorts
Available Online



Take a pair of latex boxer shorts, add a comfy T-shirt and you've got an excellent outfit for staying cool, and shiny!

Contrast Trunks
Available Online



It's not only the girls who should be able to lounge by the pool! With this pair of latex trunks, with eye catching contrasting stripe, the pool is definitely calling!

Lube Up!

To minimise excessive perspiration and chafing, apply a latex-friendly lubricant to your skin before wearing the latex garment. This will help to reduce sticking and chafing, making it simpler to put on and take off the latex and improve comfort levels.

We recommend applying Vividress latex dressing aid, from latex care company Vivishine, liberally to aid comfort levels.

Vividress Latex Dressing Aid

Vividress is the ideal dressing aid for all types of latex and rubber clothing. The skin-friendly liquid is highly viscous and allows the latex to slip playfully over the skin when dressing. Light pressure on the oval bottle makes it easy to dose and apply directly to the latex or skin.

Stay Hydrated

Drink lots of water to keep hydrated, as latex might cause you to sweat more than normal.

In terms of breathability, latex might be less forgiving than other textiles. To avoid overheating or feeling uncomfortable in hot conditions, remain hydrated.

Replacing bodily fluids lost via perspiration is an important procedure for your health; just make sure your latex clothing has a zip for those toilet breaks!

We all enjoy a drink in the summer sun but remember that drinking too much alcohol has been shown to dehydrate the body. If you intend to drink, make sure to replenish your water bottle on a frequent basis.

Maybe not the ideal way to stay hyrdated!

Dress in Layers

If you plan to spend long periods of time outside, try integrating latex into your layered clothes. To assist regulation of your body temperature, pair a lightweight latex top or bottom with other breathable materials.

Opt for latex garments with more open or exposed areas, like cut-out designs or perforated patterns. Or consider sleeveless or open-back styles.

Designers such as Sasha Louise and Shokushu Boutique produce mess, laser-cut designs which provide plenty of area of skin to breath and can easily be combined with a cute cotton jacket or chiffon trousers.

Sasha Louise Net Latex Bra Crop Top
Available Online



A handmade net latex underwired bra which features a back opening.

Available in black or red.

Sasha Louise Net Vest
Available Online



A pull on net latex vest.

Available in black or red.

Shokushu Boutique Net Latex Skater Skirt
Available Online



Laser-cut net skater skirt which is approx 12" in length.

Features a wide silver waistband

Take pauses and remove layers: If you’re going to an event or wearing latex for a lengthy amount of time, take small breaks to remove layers and allow your skin to breathe.

Avoid Extended Exposure to Direct Sunlight

Because latex is sensitive to heat and sunlight, avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight to prevent the material from getting damaged or discoloured.While latex is somewhat resistant to sunshine, extended exposure to UV rays can cause fading and damage over time. Avoid as much direct sunlight as possible, and if you must go outside, try putting a light cover-up over your latex suit.

Whilst it is advisable to not expose your outfit to UV rays for too long without a break. Latex fashion care company, beGLOSS, produce a unique high shine gloss with added UV protection so you can not only be sure that your latex outfit shine in the summer, but that it is also protected.

beGLOSS Perfect Shine High Gloss with UV Protection

Perfect Shine Daylight Protection Spray protects your latex against UV radiation

For rubber lovers who like to wear their latex during a day in the sun

Stay inside whenever possible because it is generally cooler than going outside. An air-conditioned atmosphere, where the temperature can be adjusted and kept cool, is ideal.

If you do go outside while wearing latex in the summer, try to stay in the shade as much as possible and avoid going out during the warmest hours of the day (usually midday to early afternoon).

Summary – Be Safe!

Wearing latex may be a daring and entertaining fashion option, but it’s important to prioritise your comfort and well-being, especially in hot weather. Always listen to your body and take pauses if you get uncomfortable or hot. In the summer, be safe and have fun with your latex fashion.

Avoid extended exposure to direct sunshine: Because latex is sensitive to heat and sunlight, avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight to prevent the material from getting damaged or discoloured.

Consider utilising cooling sprays or mists to assist reduce your body temperature when wearing latex.

Be sure to take a look at our Practical Tips: Caring for Latex article for some great ideas to help keep your latex looking its best.

For more latex clothes styling tips and how-to articles be sure to check out our style guide section regularly.


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