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Welcome to The Shiny Sofa, the official podcast from Latex24/7. Your premier source for the freshest latex fashion news, info, reviews and discussion. In each episode we’ll be speaking to industry insiders about their love of latex fashion, covering the latest news and gaining insightful latex tips and recommendations. So whether you’re new to the world of latex clothing and unsure how to start your latex collection or where to buy from, or maybe you already have a packed shiny wardrobe, then this is the podcast for you.

Joining us on episode eleven of The Shiny Sofa is the hugely talented, and passionate, owner and designer of Eustratia Latex, Stacey. We catch up on recent latex clothing news, including VinNoir and FBLD Latex on the stage, latex at The Grammys and the incredible latex designs in BAFTA award winning ‘Poor Things’. We also speak to Stacey about her love of latex fashion, her desire and ethos around starting the Eustratia latex brand and we discuss why she adores wearing the material. She also gives us some tips for those interested in wearing the material and some do’s and don’ts to start your latex collection!

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