Time for The Boys to Shine with Skin Two’s New Latex Collection

Skin Two Black Yellow Latex Collection

After the release of the recent female only Pink & Black latex range from Honour Clothing and Skin Two, it’s time for the boys to shine with the launch of the London based brand’s new Black & Yellow collection.

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The choice and availability of latex garments for men is often regarded as being more limited when compared to the female equivalent so it’s always exciting to see a new range of latex clothing aimed at male wearers.

Skin Two officially launched their new Black & Yellow latex range with the tagline “Step away from plain black latex garments and make a statement with these yellow accent pieces. They’re bold yet simplistic and is definitely a stand out piece to add to your fashionable wardrobe.”

This must-have collection includes a variety of male infused garments including tracksuit bottoms, tops, hoodies, underwear and a selection of shorts:

Black Fitted Latex Top With Yellow Sleeves
Available Online



Step away from plain black with this vibrant accented yellow top. A classic round neck design with bright yellow statement sleeves

Blazing Racing Stripe Top
Available Online



This short sleeve latex shirt is an absolute standout. It has a front black zip with black stripes on the shoulders. This creates a lovely contrasting design with the yellow racing stripes and the zip. It's figure hugging which shows off the body's natural curves and muscles. Overall, this is the perfect latex shirt to wear on a night out to stand out.

Blazing Medium Length Shorts
Available Online



These racing rubber shorts are designed to have a tight figure hugging design that will look good on anyone. With contrasting black stripes these shorts are a must have for your collection.

Latex Tracksuit Bottoms
Available Online



Are you a latex Lover ? If so, these latex tracksuit bottoms are for you. Whether you are wearing them around the house or showing them off outside, these are a perfect addition to the wardrobe. With stunning stripes to round out the design these tracksuit bottoms are perfect for both men and women. Also come with latex draw strings. Designed to fit both genders these are the perfect combo of latex fashion and comfort.

Take a look at the full Skin Two latex range over on the Skin Two website.

About Skin Two and Honour Clothing

Honour Clothing has a rich history and a remarkable reputation in the world of latex fashion. Established in the early 1990s, the brand quickly became a leading brand known for its exceptional quality and attention to detail. With a team of skilled artisans and designers, they have consistently pushed the boundaries of latex fashion, combining innovative designs with traditional craftsmanship. Honour Clothing has catered to a diverse clientele whilst providing an extraordinary and unforgettable experience. Their creations, meticulously handcrafted using the finest latex materials, offer a perfect blend of sensuality, elegance, and avant-garde aesthetics as they continue to captivate fashion lovers and leave an indelible mark on the latex fashion industry.

And for those of you with a more adventurous streak don’t forget to check out Honour’s partner store, Skin Two, for even more shiny outfits. Read more about the transformation of Honour into Skin Two as we covered it previously here at Latex24/7.

For the latest latex clothing collection reveals and releases be sure to check back often to our specially curated new releases section here at Latex24/7.


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