Tarza & Jane Launch First Latex Collection at Avantgardista

Tarza & Jane Latex Clothing Fashion Launch First Collection on Avantgardista Catwalk
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Recently formed latex brand Tarza & Jane have taken to the catwalk at this years Avantgardista to officially launch their first collection.

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Having being formed earlier this year in February 2022, by seasoned latex designer Fabian Seibert, the Tarza & Jane brand has an ethos of promoting and creating “daily latex fashion” – now there’s an idea we can totally agree with. The brand aims to create a “blend of latex and classic, rather conservative cuts for everyday life is what fascinates and inspires us. It creates a completely new spotlight on this material”, designer Fabian commented to us. Attending Avantgardista was a bit step forward for this young brand as the annual even put faith in Fabian and his designs, “I called Avantgardista to see if they would be adventurous and allow a completely unknown label to set up a showroom and do a catwalk show. I had been full of awe when I saw the list of participating labels of the previous years. And all those famous models strutting the catwalk. And then Christian of Avantgardista said Yes. I almost flipped and immediately called my best friends….”, Seibert told us, “My good friend Alex is a music geek and immediately went on the hunt for a catwalk song, and as a graphic designer he helped me with the booth setup”.

Tarza & Jane designer Fabian used the pandemic to learn the skills necessary to work with and manipulate latex into wearable garments, “But why did I start making latex fashion in the first place? Well I couldn’t find what I wanted for me and my back-then-girlfriend & muse. And I admire the 50s and the 60s for their great fashion for all sorts of body types, not just for those ‘boys with tits’ as a curvy protagoniste in one of Tom Wolfe’s novels called them. So I used the pandemic for trying to learn how to make cutting patterns and made to measure stuff with YouTube, and how to work with latex. I made those pieces in latex that I usually wear in wool or cotton, like the black turtleneck and the polo shirt and those hipster flat front chinos with those slightly too short legs. And for Mona a red and a black A-line midi skirt, a longsleeve tee, sailor pants, the semi transparent salmon cocoon coat and the like. All of them pieces that you can wear as fashion key pieces outside the fetish & bdsm sphere, since the general public doesn’t connect S&M with colours other than black, red and transparent.”

Their inaugural collection clearly takes heavy inspiration from the 50s and 60s vibes which Seibert is clearly so influenced by. Classically cut, and simple dresses, are combined with long flowing trousers and skirts are complimented with modern T-Shirt designs and accessories such as hats. “I’ve been intrigued by latex as a garment material for clothing for quite some time. It can create a stretched surface but it can also flow warmly. Its deep colors and smooth surface give the designs a unique plasticity and flatter your body.”, Fabian commented to us.

Presenting at this years Avantgardista, and officially launching the brands inaugural collection, was a nerve-racking experience for him, “I was definitely extremely nervous,”, Fabian told us, “but our catwalk gang turned out just great and very relaxed and fun and harmonic during preps. Had I made enough clothes, would the pieces fit? In case no, could we revert to other pieces and experiment a bit? I hope people liked what they saw and hanging out in our showroom before and after the show.”

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