Libidex Daily Deals: Your Gateway to Latex Fashion

Libidex Latex Fashion Daily Deal

Here at Latex24/7 we love hearing from so many of you over on our social media channels. With such a wide breadth of latex fashion and clothing available across the globe, often these conversations turn to the price of latex garments. One of the main barriers we repeatedly hear stops readers from purchasing latex clothing is the cost of many items. Aiming to combat that are renowned latex brand Libidex with their selection of one-off price reductions and savings.

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Throughout its decades-long journey, Libidex has remained at the forefront of latex fashion, pushing boundaries and inspiring countless designers and wearers. It continues to celebrate the sensuality and power inherent in latex while making it accessible for a wider audience, blurring the lines between fetish and fashion. As part of that accessibility, each day Libidex offers a daily deal on one item from their vast catalogue with an unmissable 50% off. But you’ll have to be quick because tomorrow brings a new deal.

The variety of potential daily deals from Libidex covers the brands entire store; latex designs for both male and female and a varied selection featuring everything from dresses to skirts, stockings and tops, to jackets and catsuits.

Just take a look at some of these past incredible daily deals available from Libidex

Paloma Dress
Available Online

Normal Price: £239.95

50% Daily Deal Price: £119.98

Dita Pencil Skirt
Available Online

Normal Price: £124.95

50% Daily Deal Price: £62.48

Peak Polo Short
Available Online

Normal Price: £154.95

50% Daily Deal Price: £77.48

Cerise Stockings
Available Online

Normal Price: £99.95

50% Daily Deal Price: £49.98

Don’t Miss Out!

To find out more, be sure to head over to every day to check out the latest daily deal.

For more latex deals don’t forget to check our sales and offers section regularly.


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