Libidex Black Friday Weeklong Sale

Libidex Latex Fashion Black Friday Week Sale
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It’s that time of the year again where all the biggest retailers are offering seemingly huge discounts on thousands of items. Why should the latex fashion industry miss out on this annual phenomenon? Well Libidex doesn’t feel that it should with their incredible and recently announced Black Friday sales, and for once this is a Black Friday offer definitely not to be missed!

Libidex commented below:

…BLACK FRIDAY — a day when shoppers go wild for fantastic deals and knockout discounts from shops and websites around the world. But as LIBIDEX customers deserve more than just one day of bargain prices, we decided to give you over a week in which to go completely nuts and grab loads of brilliant offers.

…Until the 2nd of December, our entire website will be offering a fantastic discount of 30% OFF…

..But that is not all — if your order contains items in main colour Black you will get an extra 5% OFF for those items, making this sale even more enticing!

Everything from dresses to jackets, leggings to shirts is included in this unbelievable sale. With offers like these, and an incredible 35% reduction available on many items, it’s definitely time to purchase that next latex fashion outfit:

Libidex Latex Fashion Black Friday Red V-Neck Dress Libidex Latex Fashion Black Friday Cherry Pie Babydoll
V-Neck Dress
£174.95 £122.47
Cherry Pie Babydoll
£174.95 £122.47
Libidex Latex Fashion Black Friday Viva Top Libidex Latex Fashion Black Friday Mini Digit Hoodie
Viva Top
£134.95 £94.47
Mini Digit Hoodie
£209.95 £146.97

The full range of Libidex Black Friday items on offer can be viewed on their website at

Will you be buying anything during this incredible and unmissable sale? If so, let us know in the comments below that you plan on purchasing? And be sure to keep checking back over at our Sales and Offers section regularly.

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