Philosophy meets Latex Fashion! Yes Please!

Philosophy Tube Abigail Thorn wearing Dead Lotus Couture Latex Fashion
© YouTube / Philosophy Tube

YouTube channel Philosophy Tube takes on the future as presenter Abigail STUNS in Dead Lotus Couture latex in their latest video.

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Philosophy Tube is a YouTube channel dedicated to exploring famous philosophical texts and questions and has previously covered topics such as ignorance and censorship, vaccines and freedom and idealogy. Presented by Abigail Thorn, the latest episode of the show discusses the topic of transhumanism; where inventions, technologies and medicines could be used to transform people into something they are not or overcome the shortcomings of being human.

Well known for using costumes and characters to explain her research and thoughts in a highly entertaining and accessible format Abigail was aptly dressed for this futuristic topic, choosing to wear a number of latex garments from Dead Lotus Couture which come together to form a “future of fashion” look. The Philosophy Tube presenter combined a latex leotard with an elegant contrasting geometric pattern with the brands versatile ARMA harness creating a fascinating layering and extra dimension to the outfit. Topped off with a pair of fingerless black latex gloves and stockings Abigail definitely gave us “future vibes”.

You can watch this extremely insightful and interesting (we highly recommend doing so) full video over on YouTube below:

You can check out Philosophy Tube’s other amazing videos over on their YouTube channel, Twitter and Facebook.

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