Liquid Disco Latex Reveals Must-See STR4W/BERRY Collection

Liquid Disco Latex Reveals Must-See STR4W/BERRY Collection
Liquid Disco Latex Reveals Must-See STR4W/BERRY Collection. Photography Interchill Theatre

After the huge successes at launches of their CYB3RLUV collection, cyberpunk inspired range and iconic synesthesia launch, Liquid Disco Latex are back with the release of their new collection, entitled STR4W/BERRY.

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Returning once more to the annual Avantgardista event, Liquid Disco Latex crafted a unique and eye-catching reveal show continuing the brands trend of accessible and colourful apparel.

Speaking exclusively to Latex24/7, Liquid Disco owner and designer Elena Lovebite commented “We always love coming to Avantgardista, so when Christian, the organiser, invited us back for this year’s edition we were thrilled. This year the fashion shows took place at Motorworld and were fully open to the public. It was amazing to present Liquid Disco to the public, as well as to see all the diverse fetish fashion that is out there. And the crowd absolutely loved it, which was the cherry on top.”

Each new launch from the innovative and contemporary Netherlands based designer further expands and explores the possibilities of what is achievable from latex fashion, with the STR4W/BERRY collection featuring existing latex garments with a hint of rhinestones, tartan and transparent latex. “And as this is a Liquid Disco show, all in a plethora of the brightest colors!”, Elena told us, continuing “For this runway, we also did a collaboration with Wandering Chaos, a Dutch leather harness brand. They supplied all the leatherwear for this catwalk show, which paired amazingly with our latex. And of course, we were blessed to once again work with some of the loveliest latex models from all over Europe! They truly made the designs come alive on stage.”

Amazing models including Lara Aimee, Akame, Mandy Xotoxic, Shannon Sparrow, Catastrophie, Lotte Lavey, Mademoiselle Feles, Einhornglitzertoast, Arno Von Detritus and Madmoiselle Peachy were all in attendance, walking the catwalk at the prestigious show which was photographed by Interchill Theatre and The Highwayman Photography.

And it was clear that the team not only worked hard but played hard as Elena spoke to us, “Our crew danced until sunrise, the Subrosadictum Space intruders afterparty was a blast, and it was glorious. If you’re on the fence about joining Avantgardista and Subrosadictum next year; do it! You’ll be guaranteed to have an amazing time filled with the best music, people and, of course, latex fashion.” What better reason could you need!

If you’d like to find out more about LIQUID DISCO be sure to check out The Shiny Sofa Podcast, where we interviewed brand owner Elena Lovebite recently.

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