LIQUID DISCO Latex Launches New Synesthesia Collection

LIQUID DISCO Latex Launches New Synesthesia Collection at Avantgardista
© LIQUID DISCO / Dark Grey Photo / Aleksander Veseljak

Dutch latex fashion label LIQUID DISCO officially launched their new SYNESTHESIA collection, as part of their debut fashion show, at Avantgardista in Munich recently.

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Following the brands recent launch, LIQUID DISCO have been busy not only helping us here at Latex24/7 explain the best ways to style The MUST HAVE latex accessory but also preparing for the launch of SYNESTHESIA. Already known for their use of pastel and neon colours, and for experimenting with latex fabric, LIQUID DISCO have combined their unique style with a collection of latex pieces which are all individually hand dyed using a marble technique.

LIQUID DISCO owner and designer Elena Lovebite spoke to us about her thought process behind the collection, “I was trying to come up with new ways to push the boundaries of what latex fashion can be and trying to see if I could find new ways to work with the material. So I started experimenting with lots of different techniques and methods. One day I was trying out some things with dye and stumbled upon this marbling effect. I loved it immediately, it looks so vibrant and unique. After crafting the pieces they are all dyed by hand. With this method, no piece will ever be the same; they are all one-of-a-kind.”

LIQUID DISCO Latex Launches New Synesthesia Collection at Avantgardista
© Blendeartist

Elena is no stranger to the world of latex fashion: “Before starting LIQUID DISCO I’ve been a latex model for 10 years, and I have been involved with designing smaller latex and art projects over the years. What I noticed is that I was really missing more casual, colourful, party-oriented latex wear. LIQUID DISCO’s designs are really made for the wearer to dance, feel beautiful in, and be the life of the party.”

We couldn’t agree more!

The SYNESTHESIA collection features a number of gorgeous latex garments including hand dyed bodysuits, peplums, bralettes, high-waisted shorts, dresses, a kimono jacket and accesories such as berets, chokers and LED headpieces.

The launch of the SYNESTHESIA collection took place on the catwalk of Avantgardista in Munich and featured latex fashion models Stephanie O’hare, Lara Aimee, La Cel, Daga Danzig, Lady Elvendoll, Catastrophie, Redsky, Skylar Knight, Lucy Modèle, Witchy Pixie and Elena Lovebite.

Be sure to head over to the LIQUID DISCO Instagram profile for more details.

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