Dress for the Future You: Tox Latex Launches New Online Store

Tox Latex launches new online latex fashion and clothing shop store website

Designer and creator of fashion-centric latex clothing, Tox Latex, has clearly started 2024 as they mean to carry on with the launch of their new online store, making the brands meticulously made latex apparel available for purchase to a wider audience easier than ever.

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The Canadian based latex fashion brand was launched after Tox Latex owner and founder Lena, in pursuit of the perfect latex dress, hesitated to order online. “That fear sparked a mission to create a space where clients can confidently indulge in fetish latex fashion with the assurance of impeccable fit and quality”, Lena explained to us as she spoke exclusively to Latex24/7. Concentrating on classic, timeless designs which are both elegant and sensual, Tox aims to “celebrate diversity, creating clothing for all genders, embracing individual identities”. With fans including latex fashion advocate Jheanelle Corine, Tox has already gained a following which is the envy of many other independent designers.

Tox Latex Heather Dress
The “Heather Dress” is one example of the garments sold on toxlatex.com, as worn by Jheanelle Corine

Up until now, orders have been taken via the brands social media channels. Lena commented to us regarding her “thrill to share the exciting news of the official launch of the brand-new website!”, a fact that was borne out as she continued. “It has been a labour of love as a solo business owner, managing both production and website creation presented its full-time experience. However, the journey has been immensely rewarding, and I am beyond delighted to see the Tox digital home come to life. Having invested significant time and effort into this project, the website truly reflects the passion and dedication that fuels Tox Latex. Navigating through it is easy, providing customers with an enjoyable shopping experience.”

Tox Latex Short Gloves
Must-have latex accessories such as gloves, via toxlatex.com
Tox Latex ORing Latex Bra
This O Ring Bra oozes confidence, now available from toxlatex.com

The website features many of the designers most popular womenswear, menswear and unisex designs including bodysuits, underwear, dresses, skirts, shorts, tops and accessories. For the perfect finish and shine, Tox also sell a variety of Vivishine latex care products.

Tox Latex Skater Skirt
Latex staples such as the Skater Skirt are now available from toxlatex.com
Tox Latex Heather Top
Part of the “Heather” range, this versatile top is on sale at toxlatex.com

Lena is especially proud of the live chat option, she noted to us “I am particularly thrilled about the live chat option! Now, while customers shop, if they have any questions or simply want to chat, I am just a click away as I want to be there every step.” It’s clear to see that she sees this as the next step in the evolution and growth of the Tox brand, as our conversation ended with these words from Lena. “Launching this website fills me with a sense of freedom and gratitude. It marks a new chapter for Tox Latex, and I am eager to see how it becomes a part of any latex lovers’ journey.”

We wish her, and Tox Latex, the best of luck!

If you’d like to check out the new website, and maybe find your perfect latex outfit for 2024, be sure to head over to https://toxlatex.com.

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For all the latex clothing and fashion news be sure to check Latex24/7 regularly.


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