Dead Lotus Couture aims to put latex “in every wardrobe”

Operio collection by Dead Lotus Couture aims to put latex
© Dezeen / Dead Lotus Couture

Celebrity favourite and London based latex fashion label Dead Lotus Couture is always known for creating new trends and pushing the adoption of latex. With the launch of their new womenswear collection, made of natural latex and fake fur, the Operio collection is “inspired by cult cinema, decadent disco and menacing monsters”, according to the label.

Taking influence from the name Operio, taken from the Latin word for “to conceal”, the collection features 12 made-to-measure outfits influenced by 1970s disco culture as well as filmmaker Wes Anderson and horror-movie director John Carpenter.

Like in a Wes Anderson hallucination or a John Carpenter nightmare, the top-heavy silhouettes, narrow waists and flared bottoms project a jubilant bright and powerful image from the past, and the heavy rubber structures camouflage a disproportionate darkness in the present.

The collection, designed by Nange Magro, is based around bold colours, edgy cuts and innovative materials which aims to turn “heads and snap necks at the office, at a cocktail party or a night out. These designer latex outfits are stunning and a touch intimidating.”, the brand says on their website.

Dead Lotus Couture launches new Operio Latex Fashion Collection
© Dead Lotus Couture

“Dead Lotus Couture’s Nange Magro understands that everyone has a dark secret,” the brand said. “She aims to express the wearer’s dual identity with monster-like fur breaking through the latex second skin.”

The collection features a variety of beautifully made garments ranging from dresses to trousers to catsuits. Many of the items are complemented by soft faux fur additions providing a stark contrast between the sleek and shiny latex and the fluffy and soft to touch fur. The hand-made outfits are made of natural latex.

Dead Lotus Couture launches new Operio Latex Fashion Collection
© Dead Lotus Couture

Dead Lotus uses latex sourced from renewable suppliers and claims the material is both more sustainable and versatile than alternatives such as leather, PVC and synthetic latex.

“As you might know latex’s popularity was born in the fetish scene, but I believe it’s time for it to get to the next level,” Nange commented. “Just like silk, leather and every other premium material, I would like to see latex in every wardrobe.”

Dead Lotus Couture launches new Operio Latex Fashion Collection
© Dead Lotus Couture

The brands’ website currently features an animated video promoting the collection and features outfits dancing on a catwalk taking influence from the 1970s TV music show Soul Train.

Be sure to check out, and follow, Dead Lotus Couture on social media over at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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