Our Fave Times N-Dubz Tulisa Contostavlos Has Rocked Latex

N-Dubz Tulisa Contostavlos wears latex clothing from designers including Elissa Poppy
© Instagram / Tulisa Contostavlos

Singer, songwriter and TV personality Tulisa Contostavlos, a member of British hip-hop band N-Dubz, has recently found a passion for latex clothing with a number of high profile appearances wearing outfits from several designers. Join us as we reveal our rundown of our favourite times Tulisa has rocked the latex look.

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Summer Tour 2023

During a performance at Cardiff Bay, as part of this years N-Dubz Summer Tour, Tulisa paired a pink cross back latex crop top, from celebrity favourite Elissa Poppy, with a pair of pink cargo trousers to create a fun and comfortable look which was perfect for the stage.

Timeless Album

The singer was featured on the front cover of the groups ‘Timeless’ album which was released last month. Tulisa combined another set from Elissa Poppy, this time pairing the designers cut out bralette with a set of latex leggings to create a sexy, curve enhancing look which was matched with a set wide of calf boots and puffer jacket.

‘February’ Single

Released in 2023, as part of their ‘Timeless’ album, single ‘February’ features Tulisa wearing Elissa Poppy latex leggings in jade green, matched with latex crop top. The singer paired with a co-ordinated jacket and hair.

Catch the whole video below:

Gunnersbury Park

Tulisa certainly loves her colour co-ordinated outfits as she took to the stage at Gunnersbury Park, London performing in a red long sleeved latex top, red camo trousers, trainers and red highlights in her hair.

We absolutely love how the N-Dubz singer combines latex fashion with other, more traditional materials, to create looks which are dynamic and sensual but also accessible to anyone.

What do you think about the latex outfits worn by Tulisa Contostavlos? Have you worn something similar, or would you consider doing so? Let us know in the comments section below.

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