NYX Super Bowl Ad Features Cardi B And Show-Stopping Venus & Violet Attire!

Cardi B Super Bowl NYX Cosmetics Venus Prototype Latex Clothing

Cardi B, the queen of style and sass, made waves during the Super Bowl with her jaw-dropping appearance in NYX Cosmetics’ debut commercial. The ad, featuring the charismatic rapper, showcased Cardi B donning a daring ensemble crafted from Venus & Violet latex, elevating her allure to new heights.

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In the commercial, Cardi B exudes confidence and glamour as she flaunts NYX’s latest sensation, the Duck Plump High Pigment Lip Plumping Gloss. Whilst the newly launched lip gloss may have been the subject of the ad, it was clear that the incredible outfit was the star of the commercial. Combining a vivid bright orange latex corset, fingerless gloves and leggings from Venus & Violet provided for the bold colour to enhance her magnetic presence on screen. The addition of 3D rhinestone lips to the chest and hip areas of the latex corset, which must have been nothing short of a labour of love, further enhanced the transcendence of conventional fashion norms for Cardi B during the Super Bowl ad spot.

Cardi B Super Bowl NYX Cosmetics Venus Prototype Latex Clothing

Even the backing dancers were dressed in latex with each of them in brightly coloured sleeveless catsuits, again expanding latex clothings influence and impact on the world of fashion and trends.

Cardi B Super Bowl NYX Cosmetics Venus Prototype Latex Clothing Backing Dancers

Makeup artist Erika la’ pearl posted a video to her Instagram profile which has some incredible closeup images of the sublime outfit:

And, of course, you can view the entire video below:

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