Christina Aguilera Announces New ‘Beautiful’ Music Video

Christina Aguilera Launches New 'Beautiful' Music Video Latex Fashion
© Instagram / Christina Aguilera / Fiona Jane Burgess

Singer Christina Aguilera has announced that she will be releasing a new music video for her hit song ‘Beautiful’, 20 years after the original to celebrate World Mental Health day.

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The original single ‘Beautiful’ was released back in 2002 and the accompanying music video featured Aguilera and several people from all walks of life dealing with various image issues, highlighting their insecurities and finding peace and acceptance through the song’s message and uplifting lyrics, encouraging listeners to believe in their own beauty, regardless of others’ opinions. Notably, it includes people attempting to change their body shape, a gay male couple kissing despite disapproving stares from onlookers, and a trans woman getting dressed.

An 18-second clip teaser which Aguilera shared on her Instagram profile, features a group of young girls in a room, applying makeup, each with a camera providing a closeup on one of them, and each wearing matching turquoise latex clothing. Various voices are heard simultaneously giving advice on beauty and fitness. The video has been directed by director Fiona Jane Burgess.

When an artist as iconic and prevalent as Aguilera features latex fashion in an update to one of the quintessential music videos of many peoples youth, it’s clear that latex clothing has arrived in the mainstream. Maybe the message of finding inner beuaty, and inclusion, is needed just as much now as it was 20 years ago!

The full music video officially launches on 19th October. Check back here then when we’ll update the article with the complete video.

The video is now available on YouTube below:

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