Charli Howard Extends Her Love of Atsuko Kudo Latex at Fashion Awards

Charli Howards wears Atsuko Kudo latex dress to the British Fashion Awards 2023

British model, actress, and activist Charli Howard made waves at the British Fashion Awards 2023, captivating the audience in a mesmerizing Atsuko Kudo latex dress and gloves. Charli Howard, known for her impactful work in promoting body positivity and inclusivity in the fashion industry, continues to break barriers and redefine beauty standards.

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Charli Howard’s affinity for latex fashion was spotlighted as she gracefully donned an exquisite Atsuko Kudo latex dress, reminiscent of the high-end latex glam seen on other occasions including earlier in the year at the GQ Men of the Year Awards and for her attendance at the British Vogue Party.

The tulip gown, a new design by the London based designer, featured a full-cover design, emphasizing her curves with a high neck that added a touch of sophistication and featuring a beautiful sculpted support at the bust whilst remaining strapless, with a cutaway shaping which run throughout the cups, split and hem of the spectacular train. The ensemble exuded confidence and power, reflecting Howard’s bold personality and her commitment to embracing diverse styles.

In an interview with Harpers Bazaar, the model described the dress as “…sort of mermaid meets latex Jessica Rabbit. But there’s also a feel of Old Hollywood elegance, an era that influences me a lot at the moment, so it’s in keeping with that theme. It’s always important to show off the body!”

Atsuko Kudo, the celebrated latex designer, once again proved their prowess in creating show-stopping pieces that seamlessly blend fashion with avant-garde elements. The dress and gloves worn by Howard showcased Kudo’s craftsmanship and ability to elevate latex into a high-fashion statement.

Charli Howard’s fashion choices extend beyond aesthetics, as she uses her platform to advocate for inclusivity and body positivity. Her presence at the British Fashion Awards served as a testament to the evolving standards of beauty in the industry, promoting acceptance and diversity.

In an industry where individuality and self-expression are paramount, Charli Howard’s choice to embrace latex fashion becomes a symbol of breaking free from conventional norms. Her influence resonates not only in the fashion world but also in inspiring others to embrace their uniqueness.

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