Philosophy Tube Shines in Dead Lotus Couture Latex

YouTube channel Philosophy Tube presenter Abigail Thorn once again wears Dead Lotus Couture latex in their latest video
© YouTube / Philosophy Tube

After appearing wearing a mind-blowing latex outfit from Dead Lotus Couture last year, YouTuber Abigail Thorn has clearly embraced the empowering nature of latex fashion as she has once again appeared wearing our favourite shiny material over on her YouTube channel Philosophy Tube.

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Philosophy Tube is a YouTube channel dedicated to exploring famous philosophical texts and questions and has previously covered topics such as ignorance and censorship, vaccines and freedom and idealogy. Presented by Abigail Thorn, the latest episode of the show discusses the topic of Effective Altruism; a research field and practical community that aims to find the best ways to help others, and put them into practice.

The first half of the episode details the basis of effective altruism and its aims and principles around giving to those who need help. How appropriate therefore that Abigail should don a stunning latex nuns habit and outfit from Dead Lotus.

YouTube channel Philosophy Tube presenter Abigail Thorn wears Dead Lotus Couture latex
YouTuber Abigail Thorn wears a nun inspired latex outfit to explain the basis of extreme altruism © YouTube / Philosophy Tube

The show then moves on to discussing the topic of longtermism. Championed by William MacAskill, it is a view that we should be doing much more to protect future generations. Again choosing the perfect outfit for this section, the Philosophy Tube presenter wears a cyberpunk-esque futuristic latex ensemble to further highlight her point and engage the viewer – we were certainly hooked!

YouTube channel Philosophy Tube presenter Abigail Thorn wears Dead Lotus Couture latex
The perfect future look? © YouTube / Philosophy Tube

You can watch the extremely insightful and interesting full video over on YouTube below:

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