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    Rua da Seringueira, 1284, Alto da Boa Vista, Japaratinga, AL - 57950-000, Brazil
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    Founded in 1992, Fetisso is a Brazilian company specialized in erotic clothing made of natural latex, located in the city of Japaratinga – AL.

    We sell and export to the world exclusively the latex clothes and accessories we manufacture. The high quality of Fetisso articles is our true trademark and this has made Fetisso the most desired brand among fetishists worldwide.

    In order to serve our demanding public, who frequently requested more direct contact with Fetisso, we created an online store where you can find the entire line of Fetisso latex clothing and accessories.

    All items in our catalogue are available for immediate delivery in black, in up to 5 different sizes (PP, P, M, G and GG).

    It is also possible to order items in colours: red, yellow, blue, smoked and transparent.
    So there is no fetish to resist, is there? 😉

    Among the payment options, we have several credit card brands through PagSeguro, in addition to the bank slip.

    Take advantage of our online store now and buy with total security and privacy.

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