“Latex Nation” Featured in Upcoming Film Series

Latex Nation Behind The Scenes Film
© YouTube / Cuarzo Films

Chilean latex fashion designer Kyo, and owner of Latex Nation, is to be featured in an upcoming short film from documentary maker Cuarzo Films.

Cuarzo Films are shortly due to launch a series of films entitled “Project Entrepreneurs” and the latex fashion designer will be their first subject. The short video teaser also features model Oh Honeeybunny.

In the video Kyo talks about a long-held desire to work with the material and run her own latex fashion label, reminiscing back to a young age when she became fascinated by latex balloons and its stretchy properties. In addition, she talks about the feeling which clients get when wearing Latex Nation garments for the first time, often commenting how wearing latex fashion feels like a second skin and how it makes them feel like a different person. She takes great pleasure in seeing her clients amazement and joy and the video makes reference to their houte couture design philosophy.

Latex Nations latest collection is their Avant Garde Collection, designed especially for women.

The teaser video can be viewed below:

We’ll be keeping an eye out for the full film release soon.

You can follow Kyo, and her work at Latex Nation, via social media at the following links:
Kyo Instagram
Latex Nation Facebook
Latex Nation Twitter
Latex Nation Instagram

To follow Cuarzo Films on social media check out the below:

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